fall 2010This is my Alice in Wonderland project. The object was to make a project that you could see in the movie. You could not make things that were already in the movie. I made this lizzard piggy (: because i thought it would be cute. I got the inspiration from the movie The Bed Time Stories. Like the eyes remind me of Buggzy the pet guine pig. This thing looks so sweet and innocent but its really got a hidden secret. I liked making this project I thought it was really fun and turned out super cute. I would not change anything about it!
winter 2010This is my Bullbous Pot. I liked how the color turned out and i like how it actually looks like a mini bullbous pot. This picture does not do it justice. It makes it look lopsided and really dark when its really not. It took me forever to make this. I tried so many times and i just could not get it. I eventually had to ask for help from my teacher Mr. Smith. This is not one of my best projects but i am happy about how it turned out.
fall 2010These are my Whistles. This was the first project that we did this year in ceramics. It was really fun. We got to use potatos and do whatever we wanted with these things. The sky was the limit. I made one into a pig with different colored polka dots. Its so cute thats my favorite one (: The pig whistle works but barley you have to blow just right in order for it to work. And my other whistle has a bunch of quotes on it. Ones that ment alot to me which is why Micheal Jacksons quote is in the background. Some of the quote on here are ones that my mom has said to me that her mom said to her, ones that i made up and ones that others made up and said it to me. I love these whistles and they both work which makes me happy. I would not change anything about them.
winter 2010
This is my extra credit bowl. I made it on the wheel. It was glazed in two colors as you can see it has brown and black glazes on it which looks really pretty. I have bowls and mugs and pots that i made this year that match this bowl and it all looks like one big set. I am really happy about how this bowl turned out. I just wish i would have made it a little bit bigger.
winter 2010This is my lidded form. I personally hate this one it looks so ugly in my eyes. When I first made it it had handels and looked really cute and I had a lot of fun making it. But once I put it in the kiln room someone set there heavy projects on top of it and broke the handels off. After it came out of the kiln it disapeared. I found it again someone had galzed it this ugly color and was going to try to pass it off as their own. But i made this on the wheel, and I dont like anything about it and if I could I would change everything.
winter 2010This is my final project. I dont like anything about this one either I honestly think it looks disgusting. I made the bottom on the wheel and altered it and then I made the rest with coils and slabs. If I could change anythign on the project it would be the whole thing. I can not stand the way this looks.

fall 2010This is my self-portrait. I really liked this project even though it was really hard. I have me sitting on an ipod with quotes and artists writen on it. I am wearing a hello kitty shirt because I love hello kitty and I am wearing a hat because I love hats just like that one. And my favorite colors are black and white that is why the hat is black and white. I would not change anything about this project I am happy with it the way that it is! (: <3