I had to make a serving dish on the wheel. I really liked the way it turned out because i took alot of time on it because i could not get it right until my last try. I first had to make a plate the size of my throwing bat. Then i had to make a bottomless bowl also the size of my throwing bat and pull the sides up. I had to next shape and cut it, once i did that i slip and scored it together. The shape i made was a dog bone. I made it because i have two dogs and i thought I didnt like how long it took for me to make it. I also glazed it white.


I made my perfect mug on the wheel. Its about 5 inches tall and is bulbousy. And i have a pulled handle on it. I really like the way it turned out because it really is perfect its even and it has no cracks or anything in it, I glazed it iron red. This was one of my favorite projects. I was probably the easiest too because i made mugs and bowls all the time they were my favorite things to make.


My embelished project i made a slab bowl. I let it dry for 2 days and then i cut holes into it. I put it in the kiln and when it came out i glazed it iron red. When it came back out i weaved wire in and out of the holes to make a cool design in the inside. I thought this project was stupid but i also kinda had fun making it.

My stacked vase i made i did not like. I think it turned out like crap. The bottom is a bulbous pot and the top is a bowl. I glazed it like a brownish iron red color. I did not like this project at all this was one of my least favorite ones of all. I made the Bullbous first then i made a bottomless bowl slip and scored it and placed it on top of the pot and walla. I dipped the top half in white and myster so it is lighter and the bullbos in mystery.


My drum..... I did not like that project either. The first one i made got stolen and the one i have now looks really bad. I glazed it two different colors i dont know which two because the buckets were not marked and i didnt really look but it was two dark colors. I think that will be the coolest part about it. It was really hard to make. The top half is to big for the bottom its also to tall.

I made 2 extra credit bowls on the wheel. I really like making bowls so it was fun making them. They are all different sizes and most of them are the same color because i really like the glaze color black and iron red but the ones i chose for on here are black. I made them for my mom and brother and they use them to hold money and to hold jewelery.

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